Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Flat Earth Lying and Propaganda

The Flat Earth Society has got to be the most ludicrous anti-science movement I have ever seen, they’re even worse than Young Earth Creationists and that’s saying something.

Not only are the flat earthers flat-out WRONG, they lie and deceive innocent and gullible people so often it’s actually kind of astounding.

These flat earth propaganda memes about the planet Mars are some of the most horrific straw man arguments I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

The biggest red-flags about these memes is that these so-called pictures of Mars can not be found ANYWHERE other than the original memes themselves.

That should give anyone with firing neurons a hint that the meme-makers PHOTOSHOPPED fake images of Mars so that more people would join their cult.

Utterly unacceptable. There is no excuse here, that is horrifically despicable, disgusting, deceitful, and deceptive. (Along with other bad words starting with “D”).

And that’s not all, there’s even more blatant lies in their memes, like this one:

“Ok smart arse moon believers how do you worm your way out of that?”

Okay, lying dipshit. Your astounding level of dishonesty does not protect you from the fact that that photo NEVER came from NASA, but this one did:

Now, go take that first photo shopped image and shove it up your ASS.

The lies go on.

Hmm, no curvature, huh?

Look to the left and right of the original image… curvature.

Read more about it on DarkStar’s excellent blogpost:
Let's continue...

Okay well the Earth was NOT in the original image. Here’s the original:

Come on guys, enough.
And again...
I think you forgot to mention that the majority of those images of Earth are COMPOSITES. The ones that aren’t are just taken with different cameras and colour filters or enhanced colour.

And again...

...How? You never explained why, and the lighthouse actually PROVES the round earth because the people who build them have to build them at a particular height to shine light to boats over the curvature.

And again...

Tyson did say that the earth is a pear, but he didn’t mean it literally but rather figuratively. The earth is oblate, not a pear nor a perfect sphere. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

And again...

The image on the right is actually a composite made of a single image of Jupiter from the Hubble Space Telescope and an image of Jupiter's aurora placed on top which was taken from the Juno spacecraft and has ultra-violet capabilities. NASA took the Aurora from Juno and placed it on top of the Hubble image to show where the aurora was on Jupiter's surface.

It’s funny how you flat earth fuckwits never mention this. Why? BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL DISHONEST TWATS!!

Okay, I think that’s enough for now. (There are far more to go through) But do you get the point, yet? Flat earthers are so desperate they have to either:

  1. Photoshop images
  2. Post un-researched memes

Listen, flat earthers… if what you believe in is the truth, why do you have to lie or distort facts like this? It’s unnecessary, dishonest and just rude.

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