Friday, 19 May 2017

Flat Earth Debunked: Gravity

Probably the worst part about debating flat earth proponents is their lack of understanding on how gravity works and functions.

“How can planets interact with each other without touching each other??!!?”

Simple. Gravity acts almost like magnets, except there are no magnetic poles in this instance. Gravity is a phenomenon in which objects with Mass attract each other. Objects with more mass attract objects with less mass.

In space, the moon doesn’t crash into the earth because it’s horizontal speed is matched up with the force that the earth is exerting on the moon, and hey presto! The moon is in orbit around the earth. This is why the International Space Station has to move at 27,000kph, because it’s horizontal speed has to be fast enough to make sure it doesn’t fall back to earth due to gravity. Everytime the moon or the ISS goes around the earth, they fall towards the earth, but because they’re going fast enough horizontally, they miss the earth and come falling back again. This cycle repeats basically forever.


Really? I should tell the moons orbiting Jupiter that they should stop doing what they’re doing because some nutter on the internet doesn’t understand how they’re doing it.

“...That… THAT’S CGI!!!”

Haha, what? It’s not CGI. You can take a telescope out, look at Jupiter and it’s moons, and watch the moon's positions change over a period of a few days just like the person who made the video did. Luckily, the moons of Jupiter have very short orbital periods so it only takes about 1.75 days for Io, for example to make a single orbit around the gas giant.

Some flat earthers will claim that Jupiter and it’s moons don’t exist and that the telescopes have pre-programmed images inside of them… this is complete and utter HORSESHIT, and it’s an epic example of moving the goalposts.

Galileo Galilei first spotted Jupiter and it’s moons orbit way back in the 17th century through his newly invented telescope, and digital animations did not exist back then. What’s your stupid excuse now, huh flat earthers?

“...He… he was lying or somethin’...”

No, he was not lying. Many other astronomers with their own telescopes many decades after Galileo's time have seen Jupiter and it’s moons themselves and yet digital animations STILL did not exist then. I suppose the magical sky fairy above is making specific points of light on his dome very detailed, isn’t he?

Now, let’s talk about the flat earthery explanations for why things go up and then down…

Air Density
Flat earthers claim that the objects that fall are more denser than the air around them and therefore they fall… somehow. It’s funny how flat earthers never post this idea into a top-ranked international journal for some evaluation on their claim. If they did, they would be metaphorically laughed out of the building, as there have been many examples in which inside a vacuum chamber two objects with very different densities still fall… at the same speed.

Elevator Disc
Some flat earthers claim that their magical disk fantasy apparently moves upwards at 9.81 metres per second giving everything living on it something similar to gravity.

However, flatwits face a bit of a problem.
If this was true, then after a little while everything on the disc would be floating again because everything would be moving relative with the disc. Awesome, I’ve always wanted to fly!

Oh look, the flat earth fucktards have came up with a solution. They claim that their disc is moving upwards at 9.81 metres per second, per second. Or 9.81 metres per second squared. Things are looking up for the flat earthers, as this would allow the things on the disc to stay there and fall down when they're up in the air like what we see in reality.

However, amusingly enough, if this was the case, then only about 355 days later, the disc would be moving faster than the speed of light. There is no law of physics that allows this, unless the disc-earth is achieving some kind of warp-drive.

I think Occam’s razor takes care of this one.

Weight. (WHAT THE FUCK?!)
Jeranism, a popular YouTube flat earther, seems to believe that weight is the reason as to why his feet and your feet are glued to the ground.

(It’s a long video, watch from 15:28-16:25).

I think Armoured Skeptic puts it very simply in saying, quote:

“(STAMMER), (STAMMER), Ughhh, WHAT?! W-what is it that is ACTING on that weight? What is it that is forcing the weight to go in ONE direction?! There has to be a force in the universe that gives weight it’s properties. If gravity doesn’t exist, then weight is MEANINGLESS. If gravity doesn’t exist, the mass of an object does not determine what DIRECTION it goes in and how QUICKLY it GOES in that direction. Flat-earthers BELIEVE in gravity, they just don’t REALISE they believe in gravity, they just have a different WORD for it.”


It’s surprising to me that even JERANISM doesn’t even understand that weight is NOT a force all on it’s own, and he’s said some pretty dumb shit in the past like incorrectly using quotes from Tycho Brahe in CoolHardLogic’s video on him or not understanding the terminator line in Reds Rhetoric's video. (skip to 17:06)

Nothing more is needed to be said. Weight is NOT a force.  

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