Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Flat Earth Asshole Blue Marble RESPONSE!!

Ah, yes. The blue marble. During Apollo 17, the crew onboard the lunar module took a beautiful photograph showing Africa and a bit of Antarctica, and it primarily displayed the Southern Hemisphere. This photograph of the earth is the only photograph flat earthers think exist of the earth from space. (They're ignorant of EPIC and the Himawari-8, of course.)

A very brain dead and ignorant flat earther on YouTube appropriately named “Flat Earth Asshole” came out with a video a few months ago claiming that you can prove to yourself 100% that the famous “blue marble” photograph is fake using the website

He did this by showing the blue marble photograph to his audience of simpletons and comparing the amount of continents you can see in the photograph with the amount of continents you should be able to see according to, (and according to his own ignorance).

The video speaks for itself.

Now, there's a significant problem with FEA’s “debunking”, and what that is is that Flat Earth Asshole has absolutely NO IDEA how spherical objects work.

It actually shocks me how many useless fucking cretins are praising him in the comment section of that video when all he's doing is displaying how much of an ignorant twit he really is to thousands of people from all over the planet… and yes I said PLANET, get over it.

Before Flat Earth Asshole and his fanbase of fucking idiots throw hissy-fits about me because I'm using insults against them, let's do our own little experiment, shall we?

First, let’s get some background: The blue marble photograph was taken on the 7th of December 1972 at about 10:39 UTC Time. It was taken at a location 45,000 kilometers above the surface of south eastern africa/madagascar. Because of the relatively close proximity to the earth, you can only see so much of the disk of the earth before your lines of sight reach the edges of the globe.

I put in the Blue Marble photograph info into the program Celestia to see if we could simulate the picture… and we did. Take a look!

Now, I’m not sure how to put this… Oh yeah, I do!

Flat Earth Asshole, I have two words for you: GET REKT.


  1. LoL. FEA has always stood out to me. He seems to be proud of his stead-fast ignorance; a Sentry fighting off waves of scientific knowledge. He could take the time to understand these things. And I am often convinced he has the capacity to actually comprehend the rational answers to his questions.
    But I think he likes playing pretend even more.
    "I am flat earth asshole. I am here to defend you against the conspiracy."

  2. This Apollo shot also proves they did not go directly thru the stronger equatorial van Allen belts.